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Preventing Workplace Violence - OSHA Factsheet

Preventing Workplace Violence - OSHA Factsheet

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As of August 2015, nine states require certain healthcare facilities to have some type of workplace violence prevention program. As these requirements are established by state law, they are enforced by the states and not by OSHA. 

In 1993, California became the first state to require healthcare facilities to develop and maintain a violence prevention program. Subsequent state laws incorporated elements of the initial California state law. Currently, California is working on updating state requirements. 

The requirements in these states differ. State laws in California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut require healthcare employers to provide comprehensive workplace violence prevention programs. In New York, the law applies to public workplaces but not to the private sector. In the other states, laws are directed toward specific healthcare settings such as acute psychiatric care, long-term and residential care, or ambulatory surgical centers. States with workplace violence prevention legislation can be models for other states that are considering their own legislation.


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