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IWC #5 - Public House Keeping Industry
IWC #5 - Public House Keeping Industry

IWC #5 - Public House Keeping Industry

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Dimension: 27" x 40"

Poster IWC #5 includes Industrial Welfare Commission wage orders that meet business requirements to protect employers from posting fines and employee disputes.

Public House Keeping Industry Wages, Hours and Working Conditions:

  1. Applicability of Order
  2. Definitions
  3. Hours and Days of Work
  4. Minimum Wages
  5. Reporting Time Pay
  6. Licenses for Disabled Worker
  7. Records
  8. Cash Shortage and Breakage
  9. Uniforms and Equipment
  10. Meals and Lodging
  11. Meal Periods
  12.  Rest Periods
  13.  Change Rooms and Resting Facilities
  14.  Seats
  15.  Temperature
  16.  Elevators
  17.  Exemptions
  18.  Filing Reports
  19.  Inspection
  20.  Penalties
  21.  Separability
  22.  Posting of Order


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