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IWC #17 - Miscellaneous Employees
IWC #17 - Miscellaneous Employees

IWC #17 - Miscellaneous Employees

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Dimension: 27" x 40"

Poster IWC #17 includes Industrial Welfare Commission wage orders that meet business requirements to protect employers from posting fines and employee disputes.

Miscellaneous Employees Wages, Hours and Working Conditions:

  1. Applicability of Order
  2. Definitions
  3. Administrative, Executive, and Professional Employees
  4. Daily Overtime -General Provisions
  5. Alternative Workweek
  6. Minors
  7. Collective Bargaining Agreements
  8. Makeup Time
  9. Meal Periods
  10. Penalties
  11. Separability
  12. Posting of Order


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