Chicago, Illinois Fair Workweek Ordinance (Bilingual)

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The Fair Workweek Ordinance requires certain employers to provide workers with predictable work schedules and compensation for changes. Employees are covered by the ordinance if they work in one of seven “covered” industries (Building Services, Healthcare, Hotels, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Retail, and Warehouse Services), they make less than $26/hour or $50,000/year, and the employer has at least 100 employees globally (250 employees and 30 locations for a restaurant). Covered employees are given:
  • Advance notice of work schedule (10 days beginning July 1, 2021)
  • Right to decline previously unscheduled hours
  • 1 hour of Predictability Pay for any shift change within 10 days
  • Right to rest by declining work hours less than 10 hours after the end of previous day’s shift


  • Includes both Federal Employee and Non-Federal Employee posting requirements
  • Poster Size: 11" x 17"
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • Front and back sides are laminated
  • Quality printing in full color

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