2022 State & Federal Poster + One Year Poster Replacement Plan

LaborLawSolutionsSKU: AL-SLIM-ENG + 1 YEAR

Language: English
Choose Your State: Alabama
Sale price$ 46.99


Labor Laws are constantly changing and we know you want to keep up-to-date, that's why we stay on top of the game to bring you the latest updates. By purchasing our Poster Replacement Program, you can guarantee year-long compliance.

The subscription provides 12 months of guaranteed compliance in the workplace, wherein you will receive automated email alerts as well as an updated poster shipped to when mandatory compliance requirements are changed.

Simply choose your language from the menu followed by the state of your choice, and enjoy hassle-free compliance throughout the year.


  • Poster size 20" x 40"
  • 3 Layer Double-Sided PET Polyester Film Laminate
  • Fully Encapsulated for Outdoor/Indoor Commercial Use
  • Tear-proof and Water-Resistant for Longevity
  • Easy to Read with Dark Sharp Text
  • Attorney Approved and Made in the USA

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